Football Channel Taiwan 開幕祝賀

Football Channel Taiwan 開幕祝賀


When I was a kid, some 40 years ago, the world was still divided in many ways. One of them was between countries that loved football and those who still ignored it.

But slowly, as my life went on, I saw country after country falling in love with “The Game”: it happened in Africa, the the US, in Japan, and then slowly the rest of Asia followed.
In the second decade of the new century, football has “conquered” Taiwan as well.

With an improving national team and a growing interest, it is time for a dedicated website that aims to give a voice to all football lovers in Taiwan.

We welcome Football Channel Taiwan as the newest member of our Asian football websites, and we pledge our support to his chief editor and to the whole Taiwanese football community.

Cesare Polenghi

Managing Editor of Football Channel Asia

Tokyo, 10 October, 2016



當我還是小的時候,大概40年前吧, 整個世界仍舊被分類成許多樣態。是一個,狂熱在足球的國家們與持續忽略足球國家們的世界。

但隨著我漸漸長大, 我發現足球的熱潮蔓延至非洲、美國、日本,然後其餘的亞洲國家。


隨著國家隊更進步以及滿足更多的足球迷,是時候需要一個提供足球相關資訊的網路平台, 我們隆重歡迎Football Channel Taiwan加入我們團隊。

我們歡迎Football Channel Taiwan成為我們亞洲足球網站體系的新成員,我們提供支援給編輯長以及所有台灣足球社群。


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